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Lake Erie is one of the five Great Lakes in North America. Located in Ere Pennsylvania, the shores of Lake Erie are bordered by the County of Erie. The Lake Erie shores and islands offer a perfect getaway to travelers of every age. It is wonderful for passing lazy days at the beach, bicycling around an island, or fishing with friends. You can find a coastal retreat in this place with abundant recreational options.
People visit Lake Erie throughout the year because the place is full of life with historic exhibits, music entertainments, ship tours, and many other events and activities.


Getting into the Lake Erie is easy as a number of flights are available from different U.S. states. It is easy to get there by plane, car, train, or boat. ‘Amtrack’ airline has a station at the heart of the downtown. However, the Erie airport is pricier to fly into than other spots. You can get around the Lake Erie through a lot of options – water taxi, cruises, boats, ships, or ferries. You can also rent cars and bikes to explore the land areas. Several ground transportation service companies are there that offer excellent rental service.

Things to Do

Numerous things are there for the vacationers to do in Lake Erie – both in land and water. You can visit amusement and animal parks, museums, theaters, zoo; enjoy old-fashioned architectural sites or sightseeing; do ice-skating; or watch a game of baseball. Visit Bicentennial Tower, which was built to commemorate the 200th birthday of Erie in 1995, Erie Maritime museum, Warner Theater, an old style theater with 2,250 seats, Waldameer park, an amusement park for children with too many ride for adults, and many other spots.

On the other hand, visiting water parks and driving to Nigeria falls will be nice if you like water activities more. Ride in the ‘Brig Niagara’ – a ship that sailed from Erie to the Western end of Lake Erie to engage the British fleet in 1813 – and get a lecture from the captain about the battle for Lake Erie and the hero Commodore Oliver H. Perry.

However, if you want to enjoy a pack of fun without roaming around too much, take a ride to Erie Peninsula. It is a popular place for picnics, swimming, fishing, boat rides, bike rides, and other enjoyable activities.


It is an island on Lake Erie. It will offer you multitude of sights and activities to enjoy. Many family attractions are there like Perry’s Cave, the OSU Fish Hatchery, War of 18 Holes, the Butterfly House, and many more. You can get around here by renting bikes, mopeds, jet skis, golf carts, kayaks, etc. 


Apart many hotels, Lake Erie has many restaurants around it. These restaurants will serve you with homestyle cooking, local food items, and some daily special menu. However, if you are not interested in local cuisine, many chain restaurants are also there where you will get the same food that you used to get in your hometown. Many pubs are also there if that is your style. 

The place is so wonderful that it can satisfy a number of interests of the visitors like interests for history, old sites, art, animals, birds, water activities, and many more.