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Located in Erie Pennsylvania, Presque Isle became a State Park in 1921. It is a day-use-park with year-round entertaining and recreational possibilities. The total area of the peninsula is 32,000-acre, which is protruding into the Lake Erie. The State Park has over 7 miles of immaculate beaches, a number of trails, historic sites, more 320-bird species, and many more things.


You can explore the Presque Isle State Park by boat, Segway, bike, or foot. By using bike, you can take the unguided tours on the Karl Boyes Multi-purpose National Recreation Trail. It is open year-round for visitors. You can rent roller blades, tricycles, four wheeled surreys, or bicycles from rental companies. During summer season, a guided Segway tour on a brand new Segway X-2 will be a really enjoyable trip. You can also take free boat trips at Lagoons by Pontoon boat tours. On the other hand, a foot tour is especially applicable to explore the Tom Ridge Environmental Center.


As Presque Isle is a day-use park, visitors cannot stay at the park overnight. However, a variety of lodging options are there nearby the park. You can rent everything from tents to upscale hotels by the lakeshore. The most popular lodging option is cottage rentals. You can opt for lakeshore camping offered by a few private campgrounds. Within 10 miles of the park, you will find at least two dozen hotels.


Presque Isle is famous for wildlife, especially for different kinds of birds and fishes. Walleye, northern pike, steelhead, perch, bass, smelt, muskellunge, and panfish are available in Presque Isle Bay while Lake Erie is the home of fishes like bass, perch, steelhead, walleye, and trout. Anglers are allowed to do bowfishing here.

On the other hand, the park is one of the top birding spots in the country. As the park is located on the Atlantic Flyway, birds stop here to take rest and feed while migrating to Lake Erie. You can spot birds here throughout the year.

Another attraction of the park is monarch butterfly migration that can be seen in October.

Major Attractions

a.Historic Lighthouse
As a peninsula, Presque Isle goes far beyond Lake Erie. For this reason, it was necessary to build lighthouses here to keep the vessels away. A historic lighthouse named Presque Isle Lighthouse, which is still in function, is not open to the public. However, tourists can visit the grounds of another lighthouse named Presque Isle North Pierhead. 
b.Scenic Boat Tours
Scenic boat tours are available here that will offer you the combination of the views of three historic lighthouses and the scenic beauty of the Lake Erie waterfront. You can use your own boat for this purpose or can rent canoes or boats. 
From the Memorial Day weekend to the Labor Day, the beaches in Presque Isle are open daily. The clear water and sandy beaches have earned the park the title of one of the top 100 swimming holes in the nation. In Pennsylvania, only this park offers surf swimming. Beaches 1, 6, 7, and 11 are completely perfect for children as they have shallow swimming spots.

Diverse Events

Other than sightseeing, wildlife, and different types of activities, Presque Isle holds a number of year-round events. Events like ‘Festival of the Birds’, ‘Joe Root’s Frostbite Open’, ‘Discover Presque Isle’, ‘Sunset Music Series’, ‘Races and Walks’, ‘Three Mile Isle Obstacle Course Challenge’, etc. cover everything from sports and music to foods and wildlife.

Presque Isle National Park, an ecological jewel and a natural national landmark, is the only seashore in Pennsylvania. It offers a unique blend of nature and recreation.